Home Owner / Private Tenants Funding


We all like a warm and comfortable home especially when it's cold and wet outside. However, keeping the house warm does come with a cost, higher fuel bills!!


In addition, many homes are not adequately insulated which means that much of the heat that is paid for is escaping from your home.


An uninsulated home can be losing up to a third of all heat generated with about 35% escaping through the walls,25% through the loft and about 20% through doors and windows.




There are also other important additional benefits to fully insulating your home.


Carbon Emissions……….Insulation is recognised as making a major contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions




There is currently Government grant funding available for insulating domestic properties which in many cases enables the measures to be fitted at no cost to the homeowner subject the qualifying criteria.


People in receipt of the following benefits may qualify for a grant.


  •    Child or Working Tax Credit

  •    Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

  •    *Child Benefit (with an income below a certain limit)

  •    Pension Guarantee Credit

  •    Income Support

  •    Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

  •    Carers Allowance

  •    Attendance Allowance

  •    Constant Attendance Allowance

  •    Armed Forces Independent Payment

  •    Disability benefits, including Disability Living Allowance

  •    Industrial Injuries Disablement Allowance

  •    Personal Independence Allowance (PIP)

  •    Severe Disablement Allowance

  •    Mobility Supplement

* For Child Benefit, you must earn below a certain threshold based on the number of people in your family, please refer to the table below. You will be required to sign a self-declaration to confirm that your income is below one of these thresholds  based on your family circumstances, for more information on this and to see the form you are required to sign please click here. 





Kinetik Energy may still be able to help. We can still provide with a completely free survey and we are also able to provide the best rates available for any of the suitable measures.

Call us direct on 03301 332 732 or complete our reply form




Kinetik Energy again may be able to help with EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION.


As the name suggest this a method of insulating a home from the outside of solid walls. The process is more demanding than the installation of cavity Wall insulation, takes longer to complete and is more expensive. However, there is funding available and we can arrange to survey your property and provide you with a quotation.



What can Kinetik Energy offer:


  •      No cost energy survey and quotation

  •      Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation

  •      External Wall Insulation

  •      Qualified and DBS checked surveyors

  •      BBA and Trust Mark approved installers working to the highest standards

  •      Mineral fibre or bead cavity insulation.

  •      Recognised industry guarantees

  •      Significant industry experience

  •      Improved EPC rating 

Grant funding is available to qualifying private renting tenants however there is also a requirement to obtain written consent from your landlord to proceed.